Let the project begin!

After three days of hashing out ideas, completing necessary administrative tasks, and specifying personal goals for our project, we’ve started implementation of Lost Pet App.  Well, that’s what we’re calling it for now.. a memorable, meaningful name to follow.

Each morning starts with establishing daily goals and discussing any research or work our team did the night prior.  One person from our team then meets with either Tom or Dan, our instructors, along with one teammate from each of the other groups to touch base.  We discuss what we’re working on, any foreseeable road blocks, anything we may need help with, and to share things we’ve learned. It’s amazing to hear about the other projects our classmates are working on and thinking back to only 8 weeks ago when none of this seemed possible, yet here we are.

By Friday of this week we plan to have our MVP (minimum viable product) outlined, wireframes completed (maybe digitally?), details on the API’s we plan to use, BDD testing descriptions written, and some user stories outlined.  We’re almost there and we still have two full class days to complete these goals!  Go team!

By spending quality time clearly defining our goals and by choosing a project that meets all of our requirements (personally and academically), we are setting ourselves up for success… and it feels good!


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